Paste for temporary tooth filling.Alternate of Provis.

 1,000.00  650.00


Based on zinc oxide, zinc sulphate

Indications for use:

Temporary tooth filling in caries treatment


  • Available in two forms (water-soluble powder and ready-made paste)
  • High-ductile material
  • Does not contain eugenol
  • Quick hardening (10 minutes)
  • Safe tooth cavity sealing
  • Applicable for paedodontics


Tempodent, temporary tooth filling material, proved to be efficient. Material is easily applied into the cavity leaving no traces either on gloves or on the tools. Temporary filling formation using Tempodent material causes no difficulties; fast hardening and absence of any taste and smell makes its use convenient both for a dentist and for a patient. I’ve been using Tempodent for a year and a half and thanks to Tempodent exceptional strength and high adhesion properties during this period no one patient has referred to me repeatedly during this period prior to appointed time by reason of temporary filling deformation or falling out. At the same time Tempodent is easily taken out of the cavity either by ultrasonic scaler or by dental explorer manually.


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