Paste for treatment of periodontitis. And filling of tooth root canals.

 2,500.00  1,900.00


Based on iodoform and calcium hydroxide


  • Intense antiseptic properties (contains iodoform)
  • High pH value (12.8), enabling prompt, persistent and durable bactericidal effect in treatment of infected canals as well as in periapical area (99% of bacteria are killed within A8 hours after the root canals filling by the paste)
  • The paste is easily removed from the canals if necessary
  • Stimulates hard tissue formation on apex level
  • High radiopacity
  • Ultrathin dispensing tips (0.52 mm with a gauge 22).
  • Syringe with reinforced plunger, comfortable grip and Luer-Lock, pleasant to work with

Indications for use:

  • Chromic and all destructive forms of periodontitis

Root apexification in case of periodontitis

  • Infection of root perforations and fractures
  • Primary teeth canals filling


syringe (2 g), plastic dispensing tips


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