For fixation and filling (white, light yellow, goldish)

 3,800.00  3,000.00


Based on zinc oxide, aluminium and zinc phosphate, orthophosphoric acid

Indications for use:

  • Single crowns and bridgework fixation
  • Primary teeth filling
  • Filling of teeth to be covered by crowns
  • Cement base for filling materials
  • Post fixation


  • High compressive strength: for fixation – 105MPa; for filling – 115MPa
  • Easy mixing and homogeneous texture
  • Available in three colours
  • Optimal working time (1,5-2 min.) and setting time (6-8min.)


Aqua-Cem (TehnoDent) indicator of dental cement strength exceeds the analogous indicator under standard by 50%


plastic jar (100 g), dropper-bottle (60 g), measuring spoon, mixing pad


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